Once upon a time, long long ago, independent insurance agents everywhere wrote policies with rate binders and quote wheels. The industry was slower, yet simple then.

Commissions were steady, there were no “disruptors”, and agency owners were able to build their businesses through word-of-mouth referrals and good ole’ fashion handshakes. It was a good, and prosperous time to be an independent agent.

Then the internet happened

Consumers starting canceling newspaper subscriptions. They started networking, and buying things online, and now communicate almost exclusively through messenger apps. Purchasing decisions, previously fueled by word-of-mouth, are now born out of online reviews and social proof. Consumers changed the way they interacted with businesses, almost overnight.

The entire economy shifted, and will continue to shift as an entire generation of millennials becomes responsible for over 50% of the nations spending power over the next 10 years — a $1.4 Trillion demographic. Distribution channels became conflicted. Insurance carriers who were once loyal to the independent agent community, began distributing their products direct, and online and through call center reps, taking full advantage of the “new way” of selling insurance and servicing customers.

The point is this… Agencies who resist this monumental shift, whether out of ignorance or procrastination, will notice (or not?) their books being slowly absorbed by captives, directs, and other local independents who have embraced change, and adapted to the new way of life online.

Enter Advisor Evolved

We help hundreds of agencies across the country augment their offline, “physical office space” with a new, “digital office space” — a conversion-optimized, Google-compliant insurance website, which serves as the foundational backbone of the future of their business online.

For less than the commission they earn by selling just one policy per month, our clients have access to tools that allow them to meet the on-demand expectations of the modern insurance consumer — and look good doing it. Not only are they in the game, but they’re playing with the big boys. Best part? We do all the heavy lifting. If you’re an agency owner who has known for a while that you need to adapt and get in the game, but just don’t know where to get started, just take a look around our website. Learn more about what we have to offer. Read some of our articles. Learn about our pricing, features, and why we believe we are the only choice when it comes to insurance agency websites.

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