BriteBee is an online platform that is refreshing the insurance experience for both the agent and the consumer. Our platform serves a two-sided marketplace that connects ‘people looking for insurance’ with a trusted network of ‘insurance providers’. Acclaimed as a godsend for people who can’t stand shopping for insurance because of the confusion and frustration associated with lead generation sites, BriteBee enables online consumers to share, compare, and communicate with agents in one place while protecting their personal information, providing agents with happier, higher quality prospects.

Our team recognizes the value of the local insurance agent, which is why our software is developed to qualify the agent rather than eliminate them. BriteBee aims to build and improve agents online reputation, promote new and lasting client relationships, and provide more value and accuracy when quoting online. We understand the “Sting” of connecting with consumers online – expensive, dead-end leads and wasted money – that’s because we’ve been “stung” by lead generation sites ourselves. Our team, comprised of agents and consumers, built BriteBee with BOTH agents and consumers in mind.

Your online journey is just beginning! Start winning consumers with BriteBee through our simple and trusted platform and become “Sting-free” today!