Central Illinois Agents Group LLC (CIAG) was formed in November of 2004 with partnership of six successful agencies spread throughout Central Illinois.

It was agreed upon that the main purpose for CIAG would be to attract high quality carriers to support company and agency growth goals, spread the risk with its partnered carriers, and maximize contingency opportunities for all parties involved.

As a Network Agency you could possibly have access to high quality carriers that you may not have the opportunity to contract with or want the volume commitment that comes with your own contract. Each Network Agency who is a member of CIAG retains the full ownership of all business produced under the CIAG contracts with their respective agency as a sub-producer.

Agencies that are actively striving to maximize contingencies, spreading the risk and growing at a steady profitable margin are creating a win-win combination for their partner companies. Agencies will look to CIAG to be a part of this winning relationship.