A digital market strategy and platform that makes you money for less than $300 a month…and doesn’t create tasks for you or require you to hire staff.

–Secure, mobile responsive website
–SEO–Social media
–Reputation management
–Plug-in support (raters and chat, e.g.)
–Professional support

There are eight factors that must be addressed if your agency website is going to be visible in search. A good website is one that gets found by people and businesses seeking insurance – no matter what phase of the insurance purchase journey they may be in.

–Good websites are visible in search results and tie your marketing efforts together.

Website visitors are nice to have but if they don’t convert visitors to leads those visitors don’t become clients and your website is a cost, not an investment.

–Good websites are investments that pay off by turning visitors into leads.

Confluency’s Concierge Service addresses each of the eight factors that help your agency website get found. We do it all for you. The result?

–Insurance agencies using Confluency’s Concierge service see a 73% average increase in leads from web search.

What you get:

– Customized, mobile responsive, conversion optimized website design
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Integrated forms for policy service and every product
– Over 100 target market landing pages to choose from
– 90 conversion optimized commercial product pages to choose from
– 25 personal product pages to choose from
– 24 life, health and group benefits product pages
– Optional LIVE chat integration (more on this below, worth checking out*)
– Client service portal including bill pay
– Landing Pages w/ Lead Capture
– SSL website security
– Review and reputation management
– Social posting
– Full support for third party plug-ins like comparative raters
– Monthly reporting on keyword and inbound lead performance

Confluency Solutions is a full service marketing agency with one goal in mind: success and profit for the insurance agencies we work with. If your agency marketing budget and goals call for bigger things, we have you covered!

Optional services:

–Social marketing advertising
–Pay-per-click advertising
–Enhanced SEO
–Confluency Leads with Chat

In 2004, a couple of insurance guys with experience on the company and agency side of the business (Kevin McDonald and James Hawley) saw that insurance agents weren’t getting the digital marketing help they needed and Confluency Solutions was born.

*more on the chat thing…Online chat has to be ‘manned’ – someone needs to be there to respond to questions or your website fails to convert that visitor to the lead. And most agency chat clients are notoriously offline; chat that is perpetually unavailable sends a negative message and is worse than no chat at all . While Confluency’s Concierge websites can support any third party chat, we recommend Confluency’s innovative Leads with Chat. Our live agents will capture those leads you are missing now.