COST sets up, manages, and operates insurance premium finance companies owned by insurance agencies, wholesalers, managing general agencies, and insurance companies nationwide.

The COST Program™ enables you to earn all of the profit from the premium financing you already arrange! Our unique approach far exceeds any commission or rebating programs offered by traditional premium finance companies.

In fact, a typical COST client earns a minimum average net profit of $30,000 – $40,000 per million dollars in financing arranged! To earn this level of profit, an agency would have to add between 7% and 10% to any “buy rate” offered by an outside premium finance company.

COST does all the work while our clients earn all the profit. Additionally, you gain control over the entire financing process – you determine the down payment, rates charged, and terms for the financed business.

The COST Program™ is a turnkey operation – COST handles the operations, accounting, licensing, and technology for your premium finance company so you can stay focused on your core business. By owning your own premium finance company, you can dramatically increase your profits and expand your client services – all without any additional work!