PIIB is a 24-year old ‘cluster’ or aggregator with more than 230 affiliates in 10 different states. We provide DIRECT market access to over 40 insurance companies where agencies have 100% ownership of their book, remain the agent of record listed on the dec page, keep 100% commission and work directly with their local underwriters and reps. Our model is what we call ‘direct’ because you never submit business to PIIB, instead you always submit directly to the carriers leaving no room for lag time in binding.

Affiliates pay a flat fee of $850 a month regardless of the size of the agency, how long they’ve been with PIIB, etc. If an agency is unhappy with PIIB, there is ZERO buy-out or penalties to leave, we only require that an agency give 90-days notice and they are free to take their appointments/codes and leave. We don’t believe in forcing unsatisfied agencies to stay. PIIB is paid contingency at the master level based on all affiliates’ premium and pays out 90% of what we receive.

Lastly, we have in-house quality control as profitability is on the top of our list of priorities. PIIB works with our affiliates to implement real-time and realistic agency practices to obtain and sustain healthy, profitable books. We are very hands-off in terms of how our affiliates run their agency and tend to only get involved when there is a concern over quality of the business or agency practices. We are proud to say that because of our quality control, we have seen major improvements in agency’s books which is something that the entire group can be proud of. In such a big sea, why swim alone?

PIIB Highlights

  • PIIB takes no ownership of affiliate agencies or books of business
  • Affiliated agencies receive 100% of the direct commission
  • With your own sub codes, policies show your agency name, not PIIB
  • No minimum premium to become an affiliate
  • No minimum premium to earn profit sharing
  • You may quit with a simple 90 days’ notice and your book is immediately released, our agents stay because they are happy not because they are trapped.
  • You have direct access to markets – no central marketing to slow down your work