RD Advisory Group’s AgencyCFO program is a virtual, fractional and customizable CFO service uniquely developed for independent insurance agencies. Founded by married partners and authors Roe and Don Polczynski, the entire AgencyCFO™ team brings independent insurance agencies an incredible array of financial, growth and organizational expertise. The mission is to find “money lying on the floor” of your agency. Ultimately, this leads to a guide for your agency to move towards higher growth, profit and value.

Financial Focus: Based upon Don’s history of being a Chief Financial Officer wearing many hats in an insurance agency, the program’s Virtual CFOs have the industry insider knowledge that others lack. Their expertise offers independent insurance agencies the exceptional knowledge needed to find financial opportunities that are often overlooked – otherwise known as the “money lying on the floor” of your agency.

The first step in collecting this money starts with financial clarity. The Agency CFOs work with the Owner/CEO and senior leadership to ensure the agency’s financial foundations are set. Next, the five key financial elements are measured and optimized. Ultimately, best practice approaches are put into place and the strategic financial initiatives begin. While there are virtual and fractional CFOs available in the world, this program solely focuses on the unique needs and nuances of independent insurance agencies.

Growth Focus: Achieving financial excellence is also dependent upon solid growth foundations. The AgencyCFO™ Growth focus draws upon a wealth of experience to show agencies how to lay and implement foundation plans for successful growth initiatives. The program’s insights and tools keep agencies on target with their financial and strategic objectives.

Human Focus: Rounding out the picture of financial excellence must include organizational excellence. That’s where Roe steps in with the Agency CFO Human Advisor. Clients benefit from her expertise in organizational development for strategic planning, team development initiatives, senior leadership mentoring, and general plate spinning! She works on ensuring the agency has the right people in the right seats and has a culture that will ensure high client and employee retention.

Only when you have the whole package, financial, growth and organizational excellence, do you have an agency that is successful, scalable and transferable. Contact RDAG’s AgencyCFO™ team to learn more about how your agency can find its own “money lying on the floor.”