At RiskRevu, we build SmartForms that save agents time with data gathering.

Deliver Consistent Experiences:

  • Using RiskRevu’s SmartForms ensures clients receive a consistent experience during sales and service activities. The SmartForms also ensure team members receive structured data that is easy to work with.

Gather Data More Efficiently:

  • Our SmartForms collect more information in a fraction of the time it would take to collect it over the phone.

Questionnaires that feel like a Conversation:

  • All questions are written in full sentences and are programmed with conditional logic to ensure clients only answer the questions that are relevant to them.

One Hour to One Minute:

  • Data gathering is an important aspect of the client experience, but it is extremely time consuming. Our SmartForms can be sent by email in less than one minute and save 10 – 60 minutes; depending on the SmartForm being used.