VoiceOps has created a better call review and coaching process for insurance agencies to improve performance of sales and customer service agents.

What’s different about VoiceOps? We are known for having the highest level of data quality and accuracy in the industry. VoiceOps transcription is so accurate that sales managers, trainers, and quality assurance teams rarely need to listen to call recordings. Everything that happens in a call is clearly laid out in the intuitive, accessible VoiceOps interface.

Applying our proprietary AI transcription and analytics technology to each phone call, our customers can deliver more coaching in less time and target the right behaviors to improve close rates. Our in-house insurance experts work in partnership with insurance agencies, leveraging our expertise in call flow and coaching to identify the most important elements for success for each customer and increase adherence to those key behaviors among your agents.

In this way, VoiceOps helps your agents make the most of every lead and conversation. On average, insurance agents go for the close on 20% more calls within the first 30 days after launching VoiceOps, which translates into higher conversion rates.

Here are some of the key benefits of using VoiceOps:

Visibility – See the measurable progress of your agents, including strong and weak areas on each call. Easily identify the best calls to review quickly.

Precision – Snap right to the coachable moments in each call labeled with behaviors calibrated to your team’s needs.

Velocity – Review and coach on more calls per agent in less time. Accelerate training and coaching with industry-leading transcription accuracy and a highly efficient, easy to use coaching platform.